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Which is Better: Old or New Online Casino?

Casino games, in addition to being great for fun, provide a great way to earn money. There are many trusted online casino singapore platforms available on the market, all of which bring different options to players around the world. Just sign up with a recommended and properly regulated company to guarantee an amazing experience.

When selecting a casino in Portugal , the big question is whether to register with a new or old company. The SRIJ is the place where there is a legal casino in Portugal and where you can find the list of recommended places. It is up to the player to make the choice that best suits their needs.

Are you facing this problem? Our guide will help you to compare both versions so that you can successfully set your favorite page.

Key Features Found in Old and New Casinos

Game Provider Technology

A key difference between the old and new providers is that the cutting-edge technology coming from the newer companies makes for a much more immersive experience. Augmented reality, for example, is successfully implemented on many betting pages.

On the other hand, older companies invest in traditional options. Punters who prefer well-known versions and avoid game variants may prefer this type of site.

Data Protection

One of the most important things for new gaming companies is to ensure that their players are in a completely safe environment. These pages employ state-of-the-art encryption such as SSL. This means that the user is always safe

Older companies, on the other hand, are not as careful about protection features. It is important that if you choose one of these companies, you check carefully that they employ encryption software to ensure that no data about you is obtained by third parties.

Special offers

The award system of the old and new versions are very different. While newer companies boast generous bonuses of 100% casino bonus or more on top of your payout, older sites may dish out as much as 10-20% to members who sign up. Offers are scarcer and may not show the expected return.


Older companies are always stuck with desktop versions. Meanwhile, newly launched casinos distribute their games across desktops and mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. This convenience is very popular with gamblers who prefer the mobile version of their casino.

Payment options

Older companies bring well-reviewed alternatives such as credit cards and bank transfers. On the other hand, newer companies also consider the use of vouchers, electronic wallets and even cryptocurrencies. In addition, the most recent pages prioritize the speed of payments. This is basically done so that users are always satisfied with all services.


In general, new sites have more features and benefits than older versions. We know that casinos created many years ago are reliable, as they managed to survive for so long in a highly competitive market. However, more and more people prefer the convenience and simplicity of accessing a new casino.

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