New year site redesign

I usually use my holiday break as an opportunity to redesign my portfolio site, so here's this year's model. This version features an iPad friendly horizontal scroll displaying an eclectic mix of work from the past twenty or so years, showing my full range in one collection, from clean graphic vector work to messy inky drawings and texture.

So if you want a quick overview of the type of work I do, just touch your iPad screen and flick left, and let me know what you find most interesting. Maybe it's the blue and black one that looks like a cross between a butterfly and a tiger (seen above), or maybe it's the orange bull with the curvy white horns (near Society of Illustrators Silver winner!), or maybe it's the guitarist or fireplace or shouting construction worker. cyclist? couch? chandelier? Or maybe you like the dung beetles? and if you would like to see more, just check out my more thorough Flickr set.

And yes that's a slight nod to Uncle Creepy in the navigation bar.

Cycling Print

I'm trying out Kickstarter to fund an art print project I'll be working on this summer. Project backers will get a signed edition of the final print and, with a larger pledge, will get their name embedded within the art work, ala Hirschfeld's "Nina."

This summer, I am entering the print studio again for a new and exciting project. This art print will be about cycling and Europe and will be featured in an upcoming exhibit that will promote and connect the local cycling community with the European cycling community.

I invite the Kickstarter community to participate by funding my studio costs and receiving an inside look into the process and progress of this art print. Backers will also receive a signed edition of the final art print.

I'm thrilled to be included in this exhibit and am eager to get started.