Cycling Print: Photoshop in-progress 5

Well the Kickstarter funding fell short, but still planning on printing this, just at a more modest scale. Still have a bit more work to do. The "live strong" bracelet is an option along with the watch, may change the word "strong" with "wrong," plan also to add some tattoos and more line work over the path. Also will be adding line work for the tires, bike frame, and shoe.

Cycling Print: Photoshop in-progress 1

This is the initial step into Photoshop where I'll design the print. I first refined the sketch a bit, enlarging the front wheel, adjusting the road, other little tweaks. Then I chose a background color starting point, a warm red, suggesting heat, anger, blood. The next step will be to define the edges and add one or two more colors to the palette. I will also be refining the face with ink line work as well as other details. Not sure about the road, think I prefer the severe straight-edged version over the s-curve. Also not sure how or if the lettering will work its way into the composition.


This is a personal image pieced together from the three following sketches.

I created this composition first by arranging different parts of each sketch. It began with the portrait and the frog eggs suggesting a conversation. The table was added for balance and as a foundation for the floating eggs.

Below shows the color shapes behind the line work. Most of the line work color was changed to a dark brown; the frog eggs were made white except for the eggs to the lower right.

This dash texture was placed on top of the color shapes; color was added to the dash line work to match each background color area.