Barnabas Collins Dark Shadows drawing

barnabus-01 Barnabas Collins is destroyed, or is he? A mysterious stranger appears claiming to be a victim of Barnabas Collins. But he is identical in appearance to Barnabas! Is this stranger really Barnabas crafting an unbelievable tale? Quentin and Edward Collins are suspicious and drag him to the cave to check Barnabas's coffin. If the coffin is empty, they will know the stranger's story is a lie, and that he is really Barnabas! But in the cave, they find the body of Barnabas Collins still in its coffin with a stake driven through its heart! Can the mysterious stranger's story be true?

Quentin Collins Dark Shadows drawing

quentin-01b This is actually a drawing of Count Petofi, yes Count Petofi, after he has stolen Quentin Collins's body! Now that Count Petofi's mind occupies Quentin Collins's body (and of course Quentin Collins's mind occupies Count Petofi's body), and along with retaining the power of his hand, Count Petofi can finally fulfill his plan to travel to the future, to the year 1969!

Danger Man drawing

This drawing is from the Danger Man episode, "The Contessa" (1961). This is the actor John Wyse as the character Julio. I've embellished some details here and there, glasses, background, lettering. This is the moment in the show when Julio and Francesca (played by Hazel Court) debate whether they should trust John Drake (played by Patrick McGoohan). Danger Man was a British TV show retitled Secret Agent Man for the American market. It was the precursor to The Prisoner.