The Wall Street Journal: Which spouse gets the house?

I did a quick assignment for the Wall Street Journal this week, a piece for their October 1 issue for a story about how the market is affecting divorce arrangements. I really wanted to do the bird cage sketch but the art director wisely chose the house sketch and completely avoided discussing the cat sketch.

Below is my Colorforms version, all the vector paths separated.

Archives: Utne Reader 1992

This is an illustration I did for the Utne Reader in 1992, just before or as I was going digital. This was for a story about oil fields and Indian reservations, if I remember correctly. This image was done using watercolor and ink. I lightly penciled the drawing onto watercolor paper and then inked it, followed by watercolor washes. Occasionally the watercolor would cover up the ink creating an interesting translucent effect. Some of the line work remains in this piece which now actually bothers me a bit but at the time fit into the unfinished happenstance method I'm still using as a part of my process.


I did this image a few weeks ago for a story about genetic markers and second-hand smoke. I first sketched out a tattoo cloud on the figure's chest. The client asked for more clouds to suggest a larger number of genetic markers (below: sketch with alternate sketches).