Uber illustration for Village Voice

I made this illustration for the Village Voice a couple of months ago for a story about Uber and unions. The art was created in Adobe Illustrator as two colors, red and blue. These elements were brought into Photoshop and placed on a red layer and a blue layers. The layers were blended to create a dark purple where they overlapped.

Above are two ideas, both using a hand to represent control.

Above is the printed version, with the Uber logo stretched across the hood of the car.

Played around a bit with some fun flourishes later!

Abbey Lincoln portrait, revised

A couple of years ago, I drew this portrait of Abbey Lincoln in one of my sketchbooks. I was experimenting with painting a shape and then inking line details on top. The paper was a bit too thin for the gouache painting so some wrinkling occurred and came through in the scan along with the gutter fold of the sketchbook.

I opened the scan in Photoshop and converted the blue painted shape into a single color. This also captured a bit of the gutter fold shadow creating a crease across the face area.

I then converted all of the ink line details to solid black. This also captured some of the gutter fold shadow along with some additional shadow areas from the wrinkling of the paper.

I cleaned up the black from the wrinkle shadows as well as the sketchbook edges, but decided to leave the gutter shadow marks. I liked the accidental aspect of it and how it referenced the sketchbook, also how the line related to the diagonal black lines in the background. I didn't realize though that some might see this mark as a cut across the face, not my intention of course. And I realized that the reference to the sketchbook was probably only apparent to me. So I decided to remove the gutter shadow "cut" mark.

I also lightened up the blue a bit. And looking back at this piece, I remembered that I had made an alternative version, one with less distortion.

I liked how this version turned out, although I think it makes the body appear a bit odd in relation to the head. Overall, I prefer the distorted version, even better without the cut.

Boy sketch 1

This is a sketch for an exhibit illo I'm working on, a portrait of a boy, will be a silhouette shape painted with gouache, ink line work added for features. Not sure if this is the face, may try other references. Was looking for more of a punk, tough look. And I still may decide to make it a portrait of a dog instead.