Tom from The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin

perrin-tom-1-animated This is Tom from the 70's British sitcom The Fall And Rise of Reginald Perrin. Tom is Reggie's son-in-law. On a drive-thru safari with Reggie, his wife Elizabeth, their daughter Linda, Linda's husband Tom, and Tom and Linda's two children, Reggie as usual loses it and calls Tom "a bearded prick." Tom asks why he's a bearded prick and Reggie rants something about a playpen and Tom brewing his own wine and smoking revolting briar pipes and he built a gothic stone folly in their garden and he calls his children (something) and made them eat garlic the moment they were off the breast. Tom replies calmly, "I see, thank you." He later admits, "I think, on reflection, the safari park wasn't a very good idea."

Church drawing animated gif

church-drawing-051913-1.1 This is about people talking during the sermon or maybe my wife commenting on the sermon, either/or. An animated gif drawing pieced together from the following church drawings, one gentleman sitting further up from me across the aisle and another gentleman sitting directly in front of me. I couldn't see his nose so I added one from another gentleman sitting across the aisle. His glasses are his wife's who was sitting next to him.




Tablet doorway illustration

2013-tabletdoor This is an illustration I did last month for a story about education and technology. The client wanted to show a teacher and a student walking into a tablet as if it was a doorway.



For some reason, I thought laptop rather than tablet, so I sent initial rough ideas showing a laptop as a doorway.


Oops! So I sent in new sketches showing a tablet as a doorway. I wanted to do the top right idea, the tablet as a doorway on a path in a park or school quad. The client agreed.



I used graphite and ink on a textured paper to create the frame of the tablet and some of the background elements.


I made a pattern of dots that I thought might be useful as additional texture, wasn't quite sure at this point how I would use them.


I used ink to create line work for the figures and the app icons that would appear in the tablet.


Above is the background without the tablet and figures. I generally work larger than the final cropped size. This allows me to re-evaluate how I crop the final image and allows for ample bleed.


Above is the background and tablet without the app icons and figures. For the background, I used a few gouache elements I had painted for previous work.


Above is a detail of the figures. I wanted them to have similarities for visual repetition.


And here again is the final illustration.

Danger Man drawing

This drawing is from the Danger Man episode, "The Contessa" (1961). This is the actor John Wyse as the character Julio. I've embellished some details here and there, glasses, background, lettering. This is the moment in the show when Julio and Francesca (played by Hazel Court) debate whether they should trust John Drake (played by Patrick McGoohan). Danger Man was a British TV show retitled Secret Agent Man for the American market. It was the precursor to The Prisoner.