Bomber illos

I recently did a series of illustrations for Northeastern University for an alumni magazine feature story about bomb sensing technology. For the main piece, a portrait of a bomber, I wanted the bomber to be anonymous so I cropped the image below his eyes. But when I finished it, I thought it would be fun to make it into an identifiable personality. I began by adding a menacing eye and eyebrow, a beard, some more hair. I also made some adjustments to the hands and some other tweaks here and there, spent another couple of days on it.

Below are the initial thumbnail sketches, sketches for the client, revised sketches, and the two other illustrations for the story.

Fire-breathing dragon

I cut this dragon out of paper a couple of years ago to show my daughter how to use brads to make a little movable puppet. It's been hanging out on my shelf since then and I decided to scan it and make an image out of it. This is an image for my Veer collection.

Above is the paper dragon cutout.