Sketching with students at Nina's

Today, I was sketching with my students at Nina's Coffee Cafe, actually spent most of my time grading but got in a quick couple of sketches, one here with some notes from my friend Zak Sally's presentation to my other class. In addition, a couple of sketches from September, sketchbook catching-up day. The top sketch is of a man who was sitting with his wife and little bean newborn. They spoke with an Eastern European accent. Another man sat with them who spoke without an accent or with a less noticeable one and resembled this man, maybe brothers?

This second sketch was drawn at The Bulldog in September, the bartender that particular day. He wore a PBR knit cap and served me a few Maredsous Blondes. The red drawing with him is a man from Nina's from today, two views, with some chairs and a cup.

This third drawing is from September, at the Irish Feis. This man didn't look as David Lynchian as he does here. I was also drawing some of the dancers' outfits, colorful, with shiny rhinestones and decorative stitching.

Couch drawing

This is a sketch for an illustration I'm working on this week, for a story about a woman reconnecting with her daughter. The woman's face started out as a drawing based on Marc Chagall's Bella in Green (now in the picture frame) but I noticed one of my bus sketches worked better and a profile better represented the tension between the woman and her daughter. The floral pattern in the dress is sampled from a section of the upper left corner of the Chagall painting. Tonight, I worked on the couch, refining its shape and adding some leg detail.