Drawing in Flash

Downtowner_october20_flash1 Downtowner_sketch_oct20

I've been playing with Flash lately, initially for animation and web design. But a couple of my students use Flash exclusively for inking their sketches. So I thought I would try it out and did a quick demo for the rest of the class. At top is a Flash drawing of the above sketch from my Downtowner project.

Here is how I use Flash to create line work for use in a Photoshop image:

  • import your sketch to the stage (File > Import > Import to Stage).
  • deselect, click the Size button in the Properties panel and select the Contents button, this will resize your Stage to match your sketch.
  • insert a blank keyframe (Insert > Timeline > Blank Keyframe) and then click the onion skin icon below the timeline.
  • lines are merged if they touch so add additional layers to keep parts of your drawing separate.
  • when you are finished, export the file as an Illustrator file (File > Export > Image).
  • then, open this exported file in Photoshop, setting your resolution to 300ppi.