Boy sketch 1

This is a sketch for an exhibit illo I'm working on, a portrait of a boy, will be a silhouette shape painted with gouache, ink line work added for features. Not sure if this is the face, may try other references. Was looking for more of a punk, tough look. And I still may decide to make it a portrait of a dog instead.


Another Illustrator doodle that developed into a character study. Yves is a delicate boy with a cauliflower ear and perpetual tears and nasal drips. Happy, sickly, sad; but mostly happy really, with a naive unsuspecting manner.

Sleeping boy

This is a personal piece created for licensing, a sleeping boy. Step 6: added final shading and textures.

Step 5: introduced additional background texture.

Step 4: replaced the sketch with final line work.

Step 3: added a white texture for the shirt and fingernails.

Step 2: blocked in figure and background color.

Step 1: this is the rough sketch for the image.