Tom from The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin

perrin-tom-1-animated This is Tom from the 70's British sitcom The Fall And Rise of Reginald Perrin. Tom is Reggie's son-in-law. On a drive-thru safari with Reggie, his wife Elizabeth, their daughter Linda, Linda's husband Tom, and Tom and Linda's two children, Reggie as usual loses it and calls Tom "a bearded prick." Tom asks why he's a bearded prick and Reggie rants something about a playpen and Tom brewing his own wine and smoking revolting briar pipes and he built a gothic stone folly in their garden and he calls his children (something) and made them eat garlic the moment they were off the breast. Tom replies calmly, "I see, thank you." He later admits, "I think, on reflection, the safari park wasn't a very good idea."

Star Trek: Day of the Dove drawing

klingon-sketch-1 Kang chews out Kirk. The Enterprise attacked his ship, unprovoked! Suddenly, Chekov accuses the Klingons of killing his brother, Piotre. Kang instructs his men to use the Agonizer on Chekov, forcing Kirk to surrender. But when Spock transports them all onto the Enterprise, he holds the Klingons in the transporter beam until a security team can arrive to capture them.

Kang was played by Michael Ansara who passed away a couple of weeks ago. Below is an animated gif made from the screen shots I used from the episode as reference.


King Johnny Dark Shadows drawing

king-johnny-drawing-1 I've been obsessed with Dark Shadows lately, the original TV soap opera. This is a drawing of King Johnny from episode 827. King Johnny was a gypsy who came to Collinsport to reclaim the hand of Count Petofi, stolen by Magda to cure Quentin of his werewolf curse. In this episode, King Johnny holds a gypsy trial with a jury of ghost gypsies that convicts Magda. After she is convicted, King Johnny sets Magda free so that he and the ghosts can hunt her as a game. This drawing is the moment King Johnny finds Magda, just before Barnabas Collins steps in to save her.