Pentel brush pen drawings

My daughter signed up to promote her ballet troupe's Nutcracker performance this season. She dressed up in her soldier outfit and handed out fliers at the Mall of America on Black Friday. She didn't want me hanging around so I walked down to Crave (website plays music) with my sketchbook and pens and drew people at the bar.

The cap of my Kaimei brush pen came off (found out this is common) and the brush tip dried up. I tried re-wetting it, washing it, all of the online suggestions I could find but no luck. So I set it aside and looked for some other options. In one discussion board, I found this list which also includes recommendations for nonbrush tip pens: Pentel GFKP Pocket Brush, Zebra brush pen, Rotring Sketch EF, Rotring Rapidoliner, and Sakura Micron 08.

I decided to try out the Pentel brush pen (recommended by one of the Wet Paint staff persons). I've also been using a Pelikan P58 Style Fountain Pen and a Zebra F-301 ballpoint pen, and a red Uni-Ball roller ball pen.

These drawings are from Crave and from church, my first using the Pentel brush pen.

The top one includes a draped table from church, used for a baptism.

The middle sketch is of a burly man in sweats watching football at Crave.

The bottom sketch is from church, more back-of-the-head views.

Sketching with students at Nina's

Today, I was sketching with my students at Nina's Coffee Cafe, actually spent most of my time grading but got in a quick couple of sketches, one here with some notes from my friend Zak Sally's presentation to my other class. In addition, a couple of sketches from September, sketchbook catching-up day. The top sketch is of a man who was sitting with his wife and little bean newborn. They spoke with an Eastern European accent. Another man sat with them who spoke without an accent or with a less noticeable one and resembled this man, maybe brothers?

This second sketch was drawn at The Bulldog in September, the bartender that particular day. He wore a PBR knit cap and served me a few Maredsous Blondes. The red drawing with him is a man from Nina's from today, two views, with some chairs and a cup.

This third drawing is from September, at the Irish Feis. This man didn't look as David Lynchian as he does here. I was also drawing some of the dancers' outfits, colorful, with shiny rhinestones and decorative stitching.