Aldo Moroni's Fragilearth destroyed!

I attended Aldo Moroni's destruction performance of his piece, Fragilearth at MCAD's gallery, recovered a couple of artifacts from the demolition. I had mentioned to Aldo that I was hoping for a smidgeon of a house for my desk, not realizing that giving out parts of the sculpture was part of the plan (or maybe he decided to make it a part of the plan?)

Before the destruction, we were allowed to pick out the sculpted structures that we wanted to have. They were removed from the piece to preserve them. I was actually hoping for a scramble at the end, finding little broken pieces.

After the performance, we were allowed to pick up any additional pieces that were scattered around the floor. So in the end, I got some nice unbroken pieces as well as a couple of chunks that I picked up off the floor. Thanks Aldo! thrilled to witness the performance.

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