Snooping government illustration

I created this illustration for Christianity Today for a story about government snooping. I sent in a number of ideas for the illustration, but mostly a big head representing the snooper and a little head representing the person being snooped. The client asked me to go forward with the bottom middle sketch, the big head with an Uncle Sam hat.

Above are the outlines in Adobe Illustrator. This illustration is symmetrical so the left matches the right except for the hand. I decided to use a red, white, and blue palette, white for the face, red for the hair, and blue for the background (below).

I realized I needed to include line work if I wanted the underside of the brim to be white, and for the eyebrows and ear details, so I added a lighter blue to the palette and used that color for the fill of the eyes (above) and for any of the line work. Below is the final vector illustration, the top image in this post is the texture version, with texture added in Adobe Photoshop as a final step.