Primitive Shape tool in Illustrator

1478327768 This illo was for a demo I did last semester showing my students how to create an illo using Illustrator's Primitive Shape tools. I originally posted this image Feb 10 but thought I would share a bit of the process.


I used the Rounded Rectangle tool to create the main head shape and then used the Ellipse tool to create the features. The triangles were created using the Star tool, reducing the number of points to three (click and drag with the Star tool to create a star shape, while you are holding the mouse button down, click the up and down arrows on your keyboard to change the number of points). The Line segment tool was used to create the line at the top of the mouth between the nostrils.


I then used the Shape Builder tool to combine the shapes. I lengthened the nostrils by dragging one of each circle's points down to the line above the mouth.