Tablet doorway illustration

2013-tabletdoor This is an illustration I did last month for a story about education and technology. The client wanted to show a teacher and a student walking into a tablet as if it was a doorway.



For some reason, I thought laptop rather than tablet, so I sent initial rough ideas showing a laptop as a doorway.


Oops! So I sent in new sketches showing a tablet as a doorway. I wanted to do the top right idea, the tablet as a doorway on a path in a park or school quad. The client agreed.



I used graphite and ink on a textured paper to create the frame of the tablet and some of the background elements.


I made a pattern of dots that I thought might be useful as additional texture, wasn't quite sure at this point how I would use them.


I used ink to create line work for the figures and the app icons that would appear in the tablet.


Above is the background without the tablet and figures. I generally work larger than the final cropped size. This allows me to re-evaluate how I crop the final image and allows for ample bleed.


Above is the background and tablet without the app icons and figures. For the background, I used a few gouache elements I had painted for previous work.


Above is a detail of the figures. I wanted them to have similarities for visual repetition.


And here again is the final illustration.