Washington Post illustration

The previous dentist chair sketch was ink work for this illustration, an assignment from the Washington Post for an illustration to accompany an editorial about defunding the United States Institute of Peace.

Below are the thumbnails. This was a quick deadline, one day for sketches, two days for art. I started out with a peace symbol but moved to a dove/olive branch. The biting and scissors represent pruning, cutting; the defunding part.

Below is the rough sketch sent to the client, a dove dropping an olive branch that is being cut by a pair of scissors.

Here are a couple of scissors sketches (done in the dentist waiting room).

Here are olive branch sketches (done in the dentist chair, waiting for the novocaine to kick in).

Here is the final ink work (done just before the drill).

Later, I scanned and rearranged the above ink work to create the following composition. Also added a worry brow for the dove.

For the background, I painted an area of gouache using magenta and white. I only have magenta, blue, and white gouache at the moment. I tend to use these gouache elements as value only and either grayscale it or adjust the hue after scanning.

The illustration was grayscale so I converted the goauche into a light gray.

And here again is the final illustration.