Lifelong learning illustration

Last month I was commissioned to create an illo for the College of Visual Arts' Lifelong learning brochure.

I thought the illo should represent learning in an abstract, decorative manner. A pattern from it would be repeated within the brochure.

After twenty or so thumbnails, I decided to let the pattern determine the image and arrived at a silhouette profile with a star and circle pattern representing synapses within the brain while simultaneously suggesting space giving it a bit of a sci-fi feel.

Below is the final approved sketch.

I sent this fpo to the designer for palette and layout considerations.

I used a brush pen to make some stars and circles for the decorative pattern part of the image, along with a dash line.

Below is the illo in-progress, nearly finished.

And this is the finished illo, with bleed.

Below is the finished illo cropped for the brochure.

I arranged the star and circle shapes into a repeating pattern that resembled the placement of the star and circle shapes within the illo.