Cycling Print: thumbnails and sketch

Here is the initial sketch for my cycling print, feedback is welcome!

I may look at adjusting the face and lettering but this first step was to get the arrangement of the body and bike within the format. This bike is very simplified intentionally to place more focus on the face of the rider but could use some corrections and details here and there. The word "Savage" may change, looking for a word that sounds well spoken with "Cycling" and suggests a fierce, focused, beast-like energy and attitude.

The above version is a resketch of the following two versions. The word "Savage" replaced the word "Psycho."

Below is the second version of the sketch where I corrected the handlebars.

Below is the first version of the sketch with flat handlebars since I used my commuter bike for the reference. I tried bending my hands around the outside of the handlebars to suggest the lower position and angle that would occur with track style handlebars.

Below are the thumbnail sketches. They began with a rough placement of the cyclist and bike within the format (top middle) which I refined a bit (middle right) and then tried adding more detail without using reference (bottom right) followed by a more finalized sketch (left two sketches) using reference photos.

These reference photos were taken by my daughter in our back alley, showing me as a ferocious cyclist. I didn't realize she was taking the two pictures of me giving her some direction.