Cycling Print: Printshop Day 1

Today, I was in the Printshop beginning work on the cycling print, with little progress. It's been a couple of years since my last screen printing project so it took some guidance and help from my friend Shannon Brady and a little time to reacquaint myself with the process.

Above is the final Photoshop image. I decided to print this edition without the type. Below are the two separations, printed on vellum, one for medium red and one for dark red.

We exposed one screen for the medium red, image size is 16" x 22.4."

I was using the one-armed-bandit for the first time so I wanted to use newsprint for a test print which unfortunately allowed some ink to flow onto the bottom of the screen, ruining the first two prints. Below is one of the prints, big blotchy mess of ink. Plus we noticed a filled-in spot in the screen (big white spot next to the bottom of the front tire).

So not much accomplished this first day, although I have the medium red ink mixed and one screen exposed, and I feel comfortable with the process again. We'll be back at it tomorrow with a clean screen and no newsprint.

Just realized I forgot to document this printing session. Screen was exposed for 30 seconds. Medium red was I think four parts Shop Red, one-half part Yellow, and one part White (or some mix close to that). Paper is 90lb. Stonehenge Vellum White. I'm planning for this print to be an addition of between twenty and thirty.