Gocco print

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I brought in my Gocco print kit for a class project and was inspired to use it for one of my Hartford assignments. This is a portrait of Calvin Coolidge. I designed the image in Illustrator (bottom image) using spot colors then printed them out as separations. I was really focused on aligning the different colors since this has been an issue with my previous Gocco attempts. But of course this off-register one turned out better. The moments of paper interrupting the color alignments is what makes a print interesting for me so I need to find a middle ground between alignment and mis-registration. I also think I'm ready to return to a traditional screen printing system or maybe the larger Gocco unit that uses screen printing inks so that I can more easily mix colors. The convenient part of the Gocco system is the quick screen making procedure. But since these screens are disposable, the cost is a bit higher for the expendables.