NPR calendar and 3x3




It's been a busy summer, started the MFA program at Hartford and had a number of projects (not to mention a bit of teaching). Today, I received two big boxes of the NPR calendar I contributed to, above (top) is the image. The copy on my page (February) reads:
"As I write this, I am listening to the classical music stream from my local station, KSJN 995.FM in St. Paul Minnesota. I enjoy listening to a wide variety of music and programming NPR has to offer. The music becomes a part of my work, flows through it, as it is doing with this woman's knitting. The music is interwoven with the work, in this image, literally becoming a part of her project."

I also had two images selected for 3x3 (middle and bottom images), nice surprise. I'd forgotten about entering that one and had resigned myself to being snubbed by the competitions this year.